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About "Aridagawa Onsen Hikari-no-yu" business hours

  • business information

    weekdays:11:00 - 23:00
    Saturday / Sunday / Holidays:07:00 - 23:00
    (Reception ends 22:30)

    Note: Business hours during the year-end and New Year holidays are as follows.
    12/30・31 ・・・ 07:00 - 23:00
    1/1 ・・・・・・・・・・ 12:00 - 23:00
    1/2 - 1/5 ・・・・ 11:00 - 23:00

    Open 365 days
    ​(however,There may be temporary closures for equipment inspection, etc.)

■■Notice to customers■■

  • ■■About correspondence to new coronavirus■■

    We are currently operating normally while implementing the following safety measures.
    【Installation of alcoholic disinfectant in the facility】
    We are increasing the number of places where "alcohol disinfectant" is installed in public spaces such as entrances, lobbies, and large communal baths.
    【Disinfection during room cleaning】
    In order to keep the room clean at all times, we carefully disinfect the rooms, etc., even when cleaning the rooms.In addition, after cleaning, we will sterilize with an ozone generator.
    【Thorough hand washing and gargling by employees】
    All employees check their body temperature and physical condition every morning when they go to work.
  • About infection prevention measures in this facility

    This facility is open while taking the following infection prevention measures.

    The use of customers in the plan with a meal in the facility, we offer a dinner venue in the private room or separated area of the customer group.
    In addition, for customers who use without meals, we also offer a delivery service that allows you to use meals in your room, and you can choose from more than 50 different menus.
    In addition, regarding the hot spring public bath, we take thorough measures against infection such as admission restrictions, but we ask our customers to be careful when using it.

■■Takeout delivery■■

  • Let's do our best! Let's get over Arida! corona

    New coronavirus infections are spreading nationwide, seriously affecting our lives.Everyone has a restless day, such as anxiety about infection that does not show signs of convergence, a suffocating preventive life of wearing a mask, and refraining from going out and waiting for home.
    At this facility, we have been providing "catered dishes" to everyone in the Arida area for a long time, but in response to this risk, we have started a reasonable food takeout and delivery service. .I would like to do my best to provide peace of mind to everyone through food.And I hope that you will feel peaceful and prosperous as much as possible.

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    Thank you for using our store.
    Please note that we are currently using our company profile without permission and checking websites (spoofing EC sites) that may be mistaken for our shop.

    ■A spoofing EC site that imitates our currently confirmed shop
    The URL is displayed as an image so that it cannot be clicked.
    (We cannot guarantee the security of the URL.)

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Aridagawa Onsen Ayuchaya hotels Sunshine


37 Hoshio, Arida City, Wakayama Prefecture

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Hanwa Expressway Arida IC National Route 42 8 minutes on the Aridagawa Kahan of the Aridagawa Kahan
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Hot springs like silk smooth and difficult to cool down coolly wraps around and heals you

  • Wakayama Onsen Ryokan

    Aridagawa Onsen?
    Old known as Bunzaemon Kinokuniya
    The hometown of mandarin orange is in Kishu

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