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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About convenience store

    Convenience store "Yamazaki Shop" is open in this facility.
    Of course, we offer local products as well as souvenirs as well as conventionalContinue reading
  • Guests with children are welcome!

    At our hotel you can use for children for low price.
    Please see each plan for details.
  • About allergy

    For customers with allergies, we will correspond as much as possible if you can contact us by telephone at reservation.For details, please cContinue reading
  • About private bath

    The private bathroom of the hotel is very spacious and can be used in other families of couples.
    Regarding the use of a private bath, reservContinue reading
  • About entry time to hot spring facilities

    The business hours Aridagawa Onsen Hikari-no-yu spring facility “Aridagawa Onsen Hikari-no-yu” are from 11 am to 11 pm.
    Guests staying can bContinue reading
  • About laundry!

    There is a coin-operated laundrette on the premises of the hotel.

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