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Welcome! Aridagawa Onsen Ayuchaya

【Notice of hot spring facility closure】
From November 4th to 6th, Aridagawa Onsen Hikari-no-yu Hikarinoyu is closed for maintenance.
Other facilities Restaurant Kotobuki no Suzunari-kan"Annex hotels Sunshine"restaurants Ayuchaya will be business as usual.

■■Go To Travel Campaign■■

  • About using the GoTo Travel campaign!

    The property has been officially registered for the Go To Travel campaign.

    When applying from this Official website
    ① Make a reservation for your stay as usual from the current site.
    ② After making a reservation, move to the STAY NAVI service from the banner on the left and issue a coupon for the Go To Travel campaign.To use it, you need to register with StayNavi.
    ③ You can get a discount by presenting the coupon number at check-in.

    In addition, Wakayama citizens can use the Wakayama Refresh plan together and stay until August 31st.
    Note:Not available for day trip plan.

■■Wakayama Campaign■■

  • About "Wakayama, the Land of Revival" Prefectural Citizen's Refresh plan!

    Discounts are available only to residents of Wakayama Prefecture for travel from July 10 to September 30
    We are carrying out a “Wakayama Resurrection Campaign”.

    Accommodation in this facility, all plan of 5000 yen or more in the plan of the meal is the target.

    Please purchase an electronic ticket for the total amount of the plan on a special page.
    The upper limit is 20,000 yen per person.You can buy as many e-tickets as you want, but the number sold is limited.And it is finished as soon as the upper limit is reached.We encourage you to invite your family and friends to purchase a ticket.

    《note》Please check carefully as there are some points to note when using the service.

■■Notice to customers■■

  • ■■About correspondence to new coronavirus■■

    This facility is operating while taking measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

    For customers using the plan accompanied by meals at this facility, we will provide dinner venues in a private room for each customer group.
    In addition, for those who use without meals, meals can be served in the room
    We also offer a delivery service, and you can choose from over 50 different menus.
    In addition, we have taken thorough measures to prevent infection at the large hot spring baths, but we ask our customers to exercise caution before using them.

■■Takeout delivery■■

  • Let's do our best! Let's get over Arida! corona

    New coronavirus infections are spreading nationwide, seriously affecting our lives.Everyone has a restless day, such as anxiety about infection that does not show signs of convergence, a suffocating preventive life of wearing a mask, and refraining from going out and waiting for home.
    At this facility, we have been providing "catered dishes" to everyone in the Arida area for a long time, but in response to this risk, we have started a reasonable food takeout and delivery service. .I would like to do my best to provide peace of mind to everyone through food.And I hope that you will feel peaceful and prosperous as much as possible.

Facility Information

  • Information on Aridagawa Onsen Ayuchaya facility

    Treasures from the Sea·Yamanofi
    It was rich in nature.
    Please enjoy a relaxing time in the room where you can feel the nature of Arida River.
    As it is on the menu
    Aridagawa Onsen
    Tasteful dishes and dishes
    With an all-out bath
    It's a fun day.
    You can enjoy
  • hotels Sunshine

    Lobby spreading feeling
    Shine on the river surface
  • Big party

    It can accommodate 300 people
    Big party

    Other, Banquet rooms
    Small Medium Ballroom etc.
    In various applications
    You can use.

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Aridagawa Onsen Ayuchaya hotels Sunshine


37 Hoshio, Arida City, Wakayama Prefecture

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Hanwa Expressway Arida IC National Route 42 8 minutes on the Aridagawa Kahan of the Aridagawa Kahan
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Hot springs like silk smooth and difficult to cool down coolly wraps around and heals you

  • Wakayama Onsen Ryokan

    Aridagawa Onsen?
    Old known as Bunzaemon Kinokuniya
    The hometown of mandarin orange is in Kishu

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